Office training

Action-Rocket workshops

We run workshops to help your people move on with their personal development and actions. These can take place in your offices or a suitable venue.

Action-Rocket workshops involve your people working on their changes. They use their laptops, Ipads, or smartphones to write notes on their change,  in the Action-Rocket application.

They can discuss as much or as little as they are comfortable with.

On completion the app sends each person an email summary of their Action-Rocket.


  • Your people work on their change actions in the workshop, leading to good quality specific and realistic actions.
  • They get great ideas on how to plan their future changes.
  • It should help them gain a good insight into how to implement future actions.



Cost is dependant on the number of sessions you book and the number of people participating.


How to book

Simply contact the Action-Rocket Mission Control team and they will be happy to book your workshop.

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