Here are some stories of other folks who have used the Action-Rocket approach to help them with their change.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Claudia image“What I found to be a real eye-opener when going through the ‘Importance’ steps of the Action-Rocket: I had always thought that I considered making the change that I feel I need to make to be REALLY important. And for the life of me, I could not figure out why I had not made the change yet. What on earth could be stopping me from something so important to me? Going through these steps I learnt that I had been fooling myself. Maybe it had not been that important to me after all. So far I had gotten away with not making the change, hadn’t I?!?

The Importance steps made me rethink about why I wanted the change, helped me envisage what benefits it would bring me and brought about empowering feelings of previous changes I had been successful in. It raised my awareness about the quality of my life and me taking charge.“




Dorset, England

Man running

“My goal was to go running more. I always used to run, and used to like it quite a lot. I’d even done a 10k, but somehow I just got out of the habit. Not sure why. And it seemed so hard to start getting back on track. A bit overwhelming even.

I used Action-Rocket to refocus, to define a specific running goal and actions. I want to get back to running three times a week. I’m four weeks in now and am at running twice a week. I started out, though, with only once a week. That’s ok. Better to have a slow start, pick up the pace and carry on, than to give up. I’m even starting to like it again, which definitely helps.”




Devon, England

Nicola 25471103_s

“I wanted to make a change at work. Or rather, I needed to. I have, to be quite honest, very high standards and like things to be done just so. I mean, if you’re going to do something, do it right. And make sure it is absolutely right, spot on. But as my work started to pile up and up, I came to the realization that I have to delegate more. When you’ve got such high standards as I do, delegating can be a tough challenge.

I applied Action-Rocket to really assess the change I needed to make, to bring it in the right proportions in the right context. It helped me view it in a more practical and realistic way. It helped me make it more manageable. This way it did not reduce my ‘in control’ feeling, as previous attempts had. I have begun to delegate more.”




Southampton, England

Woman eating fruit

“I wanted to change my diet. Man, I was eating such rubbish. I wanted to start eating more healthy stuff. Green. Much less sugar, salt, you know, way less chemicals. I wasn’t sure what sort of healthy stuff at first, but I knew what I was eating wasn’t good for me. Including take-aways.

Using Action-Rocket I decided to start making the change by beginning to eat more fruit. An apple a day (seriously). An easy habit to get into. Now, while I’ve been reading up on it, it’s on to the next healthy goal: non-processed vegetables. Ha!“

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