Here are some typical questions the Mission Control team at Action-Rocket has answered.


Can Action-Rocket help with changing my eating habits?

Yes. But like any change you have to really want to change. There can be a difference between saying you want to change and really meaning it. Action-Rocket can help you make this distinction to create an action that has the best chance of happening. If you have tried to make a specific change before and it’s not been successful, you will need to go through the Action-Rocket slowly and put a lot of thought into it.


Can Action-Rocket help with doing more exercise?

Yes. Action-Rocket can help by working with you to create a realistic action plan.


I have tried to make the kind of change I am thinking about before, can Action-Rocket help in this case?

Yes, it has a very specific set of steps which helps to clarify your thinking on how to go about the change. It may take a little more time to plan your launch to ensure the action is realistic for you.


I have some actions to put into practice following my appraisal at work, can Action-Rocket help with these.

Yes. You might not need it for every single action, but those which may be more difficult or which you think might be challenging to implement.


Can Action-Rocket help with actions people have following training courses we organise, to make sure they put learning into practice?

Yes. Especially those actions which you think require more significant behavioural change. Even those which people may realise are good for them, might be challenging to implement.


Can I give Action-Rocket to staff as a tool to help them change?

Yes. It will help them to think about the change they have been given and it may highlight the realistic chances of them implementing the change.


What happens after I launch my Action-Rocket?

You will receive an email summarising your Action-Rocket, and then you’re off. Remember Action-Rocket doesn’t do the change for you, it helps you implement the change you really want to make. You will then receive reminders of your Action-Rocket. And if you want further ideas and support you can login and find ideas and tips.


How does Action-Rocket work?

Action-Rocket works by helping you to work through your change in a detailed and thorough way. It uses researched and proven methodologies to guide you through the stages of thinking about your change. But it will not do the change for you. Action-Rocket will help you take a realistic look at your change and one of the outcomes might be that you decide that the change is not one you want to make, at least not at the moment.


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