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What is Action-Rocket?

Action-Rocket is a tool which can help you to make the change you want to make. It works with you to plan and implement your change to give you the best chance of success.





Action-Rocket for personal changeWoman & Rocket

Action-Rocket can help you make a personal change. This could be anything like exercising more, changing your diet, getting into a new habit or routine, or making whatever change you want to make. It will help you to create a realistic change that you feel confident in making. Whatever the change you want to make, Action-Rocket could help.




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Action-Rocket for change at work

Action-Rocket can help you at work. It can help with being more assertive, or career progression planning, or any personal development actions you may have. It can help with post appraisal actions and change given to you. It will remind you to act and offer ideas on making your change. You can share an action with a colleague, or co-pilot if they’re flying with you. If you want to involve your boss, or anyone else they could become part of your ground crew.





stock-illustration-61469646-crowd-children-cartoonAction-Rocket is for individuals like you

Action-Rocket can work for anyone just like you. It can help you think about the change you want to make. Whether you are in work, at home, a student, or doing anything. It could help with many different kinds of changes. Wherever you are in the world and whatever you do, Action-Rocket could help.





Office BuildingAction-Rocket for organisations

Action-Rocket can also work for organisations, as a tool to help your people change. You can give Action-Rocket to people to help them change. You can suggest it to people as a helpful tool to make them think about change.

You can use it for post appraisal actions, post training actions, or to help people reach their personal development goals as part of your well being agenda. Action-Rocket is also be a useful tool in your well-being agenda. Action-Rocket helps people implement change step by step.





Action-Rocket is based on research

Action-Rocket is based on research carried out by very clever people from all over the world. We’ve developed these findings into this practical tool that anyone can use called Action-Rocket.  Each step in the process is backed up by research, so that we know you will be giving yourself the most realistic view of your change. To find out about these researchers go to the heroes page.





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Starting your change can be difficult

One of the hardest parts of change is getting starting, Action-Rocket can help you launch your change. It can then help you to stick with it. And it can help you if you falter or have challenges in reaching your goal. We will be with you during your flight with ideas, suggestions and support. Action-Rocket can help you launch, fly and land your change!




Action-Rocket will help you launch your change

Action-Rocket will help you plan your change and think it through. It will question how much you want to make the change. It uses researched techniques to help you reflect on your change. And it will help you to put your change into a realistic action with a better chance of launch, flight and landing!






Green MonsterAction-Rocket helps protect you from Aliens!

There are all sorts of nasties we call Aliens trying to stop you achieving your goal. Making a change can be difficult, especially if we are attacked by some of these Aliens such as distractions, temptations, negativity, and general bad stuff. Action-Rocket helps you plan and defend yourself from these Aliens.




Action-Rocket will stay with you after your launch

Once you have planned and launched your change Action-Rocket will give you  post launch support. It will send you a summary of your change. Remind you of key dates and deadlines. It will remind you about your plan for change. We want you to have the best chance of launching, flying and landing your change.





Action Rocket Workshop Picture

Action-Rocket training workshops

Action-Rocket workshops can be run in your organisation. The workshop introduces Action-Rocket to your people and helps them work through their first action. Just contact us to find out more.  Click here for more.




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Action-Rocket stories

Read about other people who have used Action-Rocket to help make their change. And if you’ve used Action-Rocket to help you with a change then please let us know. It’s great to hear your stories. Click here to go to the stories page.




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